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Do you need a website For Your Business?

What if I tell you that it is possible to get your website professionally designed for FREE, would you believe me?…

Does this sound too good to be true? Just wait…while I briefly explain the three simple steps involved to get any website to the internet!

[su_note note_color=”#f8ecfc” text_color=”#141010″]STEP 1:

Website(Domain) Name Registration: To get a website, you will need to register(decide) your preferred domain name from a trusted domain hosting company.

This usually very cheap and cost less than $13 per year. But some hosting company offer FREE domain registration when you buy a hosting plan from them. Refer to Step 2 below!


Website Hosting: Once you have decided a good domain to register, it is now time to sign up for a hosting plan to get your website online. A very secured hosting company that offers a free domain registration when you buy any hosting plan from them is DreamHost.


‘This is the last stage after you have completed steps 1&2. This is where you would need the service of a professional website designer to design your website.

Of course, many other website designers will charge you for this service in addition to your domain hosting costs.

But for you, we will design your website for FREE when you get a hosting plan from our recommended partner DreamHost![/su_note]

Why did we choose DreamHost as a partner?

DreamHost has been in the hosting business for many years and has hosted more than 1.5million websites. Their hosting platform is very affordable(starts from $2.59/month), secured and trusted.

We have been working with them for many years and all our websites are hosted on their platform. So you can be sure of a trusted hosting service when you get a hosting plan from DreamHost.

Why design your website free? What is the catch?

When it comes to our business policies, we like to be as transparent as we can get. You might be thinking why would we provide this service for free.

We are one of the partners(affiliates) of DreamHost and we get a mini referrer bonus(commission). With our free website design service, we want to offer extra value to anyone we refer to save the extra cost of paying for a web design service. So this is a win-win scenario!

You can also choose not to use our recommended hosting Partner (DreamHost) but this would require you to pay us or other website professionals to design your website for you.

What is included in this Free web design service?

A clean, simple and fully designed 4-page website tailored to suit your personal or business brand or image. If you would need more than 4-pages for your website, feel free to Contact Us!

[su_box title=”Follow the steps below to sign up for our FREE web design service:” box_color=”#eb40ed”]  1. Click on this link to visit DreamHost.

2.  Choose a hosting plan of your choice and complete the payment.

3. Once you’ve purchased your hosting, use this form to let us know your email ID or User ID used after you purchased hosting from DreamHost.

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